Fahrradrahmen berechnen – so finden Sie die perfekte Rahmengröße

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Fahrrad Federgabel einstellen – so stellen Sie den perfekten Druck ein

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Stahlrahmen oder Alurahmen – die richtige Materialwahl für Ihren Fahrradrahmen

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Mountainbike Magazine and E-Bike News - Haro News

Regardless of whether you are already an avowed fan of our Haro bikes or still need to convince yourself of the quality of our bikes, our Mountainbike Magazine provides you as an enthusiastic cyclist with a wide range of new information about our bikes, BMX and MTBs in general, competitions and innovative technologies and inventions that enrich the world of bikes and e-bikes. We want to keep you up to date in our Bike Magazine not only about us – Harobikes –, but about all the news that will excite friends of bikes, mountain bikes and BMX bikes. At the same time you get a comprehensive insight into our entrepreneurial everyday life and the fantastic expertise that has made us so special for almost four decades . If you have any questions in the E-Bike News, please feel free to contact our customer service by phone or e-mail – we will be happy to advise you comprehensively on all questions related to E-Bikes, Mountainbikes, BMX-Rä or Cycling in general. We look forward to hearing from you!

E-Bike Magazine – News about technological progress

We would like to keep you up to date in our e-bike magazine. For this purpose we always compile the latest information about E-Bikes and E-Mountainbikes for you. The field of electronic mountain bikes is still subject to constant research, which is characterized by constant innovations and technological advances. Of course, we would like to offer these new forms of technology in our e-bikes as well – and inform you about them in good time. Take a regular look at our e-bike magazine and convince yourself of the wealth of information on E-MTB News that we have ready for you. Of course, you will also be informed about new electric bikes in our online shop in our E-Bike Magazine, as well as about innovative accessories, which will enhance the fun of riding with your previous model.

Our clear focus in the news and information section is on innovative e-bike solutions. Latest batteries and motors, most economical gears, high performance brakes and many more e-bike news are the focus of what we want to inform you about. Of course, we are not only working to share the latest Ebike Solutions with you, but are also responsible for their development. Behind the scenes, a dedicated Harobikes team is working on the continuous development of our existing models and the design of new models that are even more exciting in terms of performance, stability, safety and looks than our previous bikes. To stay informed about the latest E-Bike Solutions from Haro Bikes, take a regular look at our E-Bike Magazine, in which we compile all available E-Bike News for you – collected from external and internal sources, so that you are best informed.

Mountainbike Magazine – innovative Räder and exciting excursion destinations

We are aware of how popular mountain bikes are in the broad mass of society. Therefore we have made it our goal to give the popular bike its own Mountainbike Magazine Newskategorie. Here you will not only get valuable information about our newest models and innovative developments, we will also inform you about exciting excursion destinations that are worth a tour with the mountain bike. New developments in the field of mountain bikes will of course find their place here as well as the presentation of new models and particularly appealing frames. Also üabout competitions with mountain bikes, new world records and many other highlights around cycling with the MTB we will inform you in our mountain bike magazine. Stay on the ball and take a regular look at the news category of Harobikes!

BMX highlights in our bike magazine

„Back to the roots“ is also an important motto for Harobikes, which we never lose sight of. We have our origins at the BMX Rädern and we want to follow this tradition in the future – because it is our passion.