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Hardtail MTB – Haro Mountainbikes

If you are about to buy a mountain bike, you will sooner or later find yourself confronted with the question “Hardtail or Fully“. For this it is of course important to know the exact difference. Basically, if you want to enjoy the well-known, classic riding pleasure of a mountain bike, you will usually choose a hardtail mountain bike. We are also convinced of the quality of the Hardtail MTBs and therefore offer you a wide range of mountain bikes in our online shop, with which you can enjoy all trips into nature. The classic hardtail bike is available as well as true professional bikes with which you can cross even the most impassable terrain. Üconvince yourself of the quality of Harobikes, which has distinguished us for over 40 years – and rely on a hardtail mountain bike from our online shop!

What makes the Hardtail Mountainbike so special – Special features of the classic

The Hardtail is the classic among mountain bikes. While the classic “Fully“ (or Full Suspension) has a corresponding suspension on both the front and rear wheels, the Hardtail MTB only has a suspension on the front wheel. The frame of the Hardtail MTB also differs significantly from its mountain bike competitors: the frame of the Hardtail MTB is usually made of particularly light yet robust aluminium or carbon and has a high stiffness, which at the same time ensures a secure hold on difficult surfaces. An MTB Hardtail is also cost-technically clearly cheaper than a Fully. The significantly lower weight and the absence of a rear suspension make production much more economical, which is also reflected in the final price of the product. In addition, a Hardtail MTB requires less maintenance because it has fewer moving parts. Nevertheless, there are of course numerous different models available, which differ markedly from each other in terms of both equipment and appearance. If you want to buy a Hardtail MTB, you have come to the right place in our Harobikes Online-Shop!

The Mountain Bike Hardtail – perfectly suited for road and terrain

When it comes to deciding whether you should go for a hardtail mountain bike, the intended use naturally also plays a role. Hardtail mountain bikes are specially designed for use on well paved roads. Of course, this also includes forest and country lanes, which provide an insight into nature, but do not go hand in hand with a wild underground. Of course, you can also ride a hardtail mountain bike on a dirt road or experience exciting downhill adventures from time to time, but most of the route should take place on paved roads so that the perfect riding comfort of the hardtail mountain bike comes into its own. If you want to do long day trips or family trips with the Hardtail MTB, you should adjust the fork as hard as possible on the way, so that the mountain bike can withstand the strain without any problems.

Advantages of the Hardtail Mountainbike:

  • Lower price due to fewer components
  • Lower weight

· Less care and maintenance than a Fully

You see – the Mountainbike Hardtail is the perfect bike for beginners and everyone who is satisfied with exciting bike tours through nature. If you appreciate the speed, want to ride on uneven surfaces and cross-country , we recommend the slightly more robust Fully, which we of course also offer in the Harobikes Online Shop.

Buy Hardtail MTB – at our Haro Bikes Shop

If you want to buy a Hardtail MTB, have a look at our extensive online shop. We have prepared different Hardtail MTB categories for you, in which you can get to know and view the different MTB Hardtail collections in more detail. It was particularly important to us that the right Hardtail mountain bike was available for every quality requirement and price class. Üconvince yourself!