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The Dual Suspension MTB – maximum suspension for the best ride comfort

You love to speed through nature full of energy, power and passion and to feel the uneven ground under the trees? Maximum safety and comfort are only possible with a Fully Mountainbike – and a Dual Suspension Suspension, which meets the demanding riding fun on rough terrain. Especially for this purpose we have designed Dual Suspension mountain bikes, which have an especially stable full suspension at the front and rear wheel and therefore have optimum lockability. In the following text we will explain the advantages you get with a Dual Suspension MTB and why you, as a passionate mountain bike rider, should fall back on a full suspension in the great outdoors, – should you have any questions, we will of course be happy to advise you.

Benefits with the Full Suspension Bike

Passionate mountain bike riders often enjoy nothing more than to feel the wildness of nature on their own bodies – without the pain caused by hard knocks on the bike. This is exactly where Full Suspension MTBs come in: They have a suspension fork on both the front and rear wheels that strongly increases the Dämpfung on the bike. This compensates for impassable terrain and uneven ground, because significantly less movement is required to compensate for the movements that occur. The power saved can immediately be invested in an even longer, more exciting route – and thus also in more comprehensive Full Suspension Bike riding fun ! The special feature of the Full Suspension MTB suspension is the attachment of a suspension fork to the rear wheel, which makes the Dual Suspension MTB significantly more ground contact. This is the optimal basis for all those who want to live out their wild way off the beaten track and can fully live out their passion on the way down – because the mountain bike lifestyle is absolutely unique.

Intensive maintenance and cleaning – for long pleasure with the Full Suspension MTB

If you opt for a dual suspension MTB, you should of course not only be aware of the advantages, but also of the disadvantages and individual requirements. The focus here is clearly on increased maintenance, because an additional suspension fork is also accompanied by additional care. The hard surface, the humidity and humidity of nature and the general weather conditions quickly attack the sensitive material of the suspension forks and ensure that in addition to regular maintenance also regular cleaning of the full suspension bike is necessary. For maximum riding comfort and a long life of the Dual Suspension bike, we recommend thorough cleaning after each bike tour. Use only a humid cloth and warm water for this purpose, but aids such as high-pressure cleaners or aggressive cleaning agents are absolutely taboo and cause far more damage than they use. Every suspension on our Haro Full Suspension bikes is already dirt repellent designed, surface impurities should nevertheless be removed regularly. Our tip: Care for the tubes located on the suspension fork with a few drops Öl at regular intervals. Just put some drops of the suspension on a cloth and rub it on the desired spots – and you are ready for the next Full Suspension Bike Tour! If you have any problems with your bike, our service partners will be happy to assist you. We can recommend them to you by phone or e-mail. Simply contact us!

The right travel for your full suspension MTB

The choice of suspension travel is essential for the choice of the right Dual Suspension MTB and has a huge influence on the usability of the bike. Therefore, choose the travel length best based on the later requirements and individual preferences your Full Suspension bike should meet. Basically, you can say that a longer suspension travel more safety, more comfort, and more weight