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Annex Pro Annex Pro
€449.99 * €349.99 *
Annex Pro XL Annex Pro XL
€449.99 * €349.99 *
Annex Si (Alloy) Black Annex Si (Alloy) Black
€399.99 * €299.99 *
Blackout XXL Blackout XXL
€1,099.99 * €979.99 *
Caballero 27,5" Caballero 27,5"
€699.99 * €329.99 *
Downtown DLX Black Downtown DLX Black
€449.99 * €329.99 *
Downtown DLX Matte Army Green Downtown DLX Matte Army Green
€449.99 * €329.99 *
Downtown DLX White Downtown DLX White
€449.99 * €329.99 *
Expert Expert
€599.99 * €549.99 *
Expert XL Expert XL
€679.99 * €599.99 *
Interstate Matte Grey/Black Interstate Matte Grey/Black
€599.99 * €449.99 *
€599.99 * €549.99 *
La Vida La Vida
€549.99 * €349.99 *
€1,499.99 * €1,199.99 *
€1,499.99 * €1,199.99 *
€1,499.99 * €1,199.99 *
€1,499.99 * €1,199.99 *
Mini Mini
€599.99 * €549.99 *
Pistol 24" Pistol 24"
€599.99 * €289.99 *
Pistol 26" Pistol 26"
€599.99 * €289.99 *
Pistol 29" Pistol 29"
€599.99 * €289.99 *
Pro Pro
€679.99 * €599.99 *
RaceLite Micro Mini RaceLite Micro Mini
€549.99 * €479.99 *
RaceLite Pro RaceLite Pro
€599.99 *
Si Si
€499.99 * €479.99 *
Si 24" Si 24"
€549.99 * €519.99 *
Sloride 26" Sloride 26"
€499.99 * €249.99 *
Sloride 29" Sloride 29"
€499.99 * €249.99 *
Subway Denim Blue Subway Denim Blue
€499.99 * €329.99 *

Haro BMX – the rooted history of BMX

With the emergence of the first BMX bikes, Haro Bikes also found its origin – especially Freestyle is deeply rooted in the DNA of our brand. We are very proud to be the first company worldwide to have implemented freestyle specific frames and forks on our bikes and to have thus supported an up-and-coming sport that is still enjoying great popularity today, almost 40 years later. For us, BMX is more than just a sport, it is much more a lifestyle that offers a unique opportunity to express freedom.

We have a wide range of BMX riders that you want to support in this lifestyle. From the professional BMX to the minimalist and inexpensive BMX bike everything is included. ÜConvince yourself of our outstanding research and development team, which has designed the right BMX bike for every requirement and every price category. For all questions our team of bicycle professionals is naturally at your side. Simply contact us by phone or e-mail – we look forward to hearing from you!

The BMX wheel and its history

Whoever wants to understand BMX and the underlying sport should first take a look at the history of its origins. The BMX bike as we know it today was developed in its basic principles already in the 60s of the last century in America. At that time, many young people were enthusiastic fans of motocross, but even far too young to drive motorized machines – and usually not in possession of sufficient money to purchase such. But the youngsters were creative and took small drivers with 20-inch Rädern, which were equipped with special handlebars and the classic motocross tires. They began to perform their first tricks and stunts, which have become classics of the scene to this day. The sport, which is fully advertised as Bicycle Moto-Cross, quickly spread in Europe, too.

Üover the years, the räs became increasingly more robust and stable, but the basic design has remained, which consists of a very high handlebar and the familiar 20-inch rädern. This is of course what we are looking for in our popular Haro BMX! Take a look at our BMX Shop and convince yourself of the fantastic quality and unique lifestyle that goes along with the 20 inch BMX. Of course, we also have BMX Cruiser with 24 inch for you in our assortment.

BMX Shop Online – put on quality

Hardly any other bike is as stressed as the classic BMX bike. That's why in our BMX Shop we attach great importance to quality and a stable workmanship – because you should enjoy your Professional BMX as long as possible. Despite the most modern technologies and processing techniques, we of course maintain the basics of the standard BMX: The 20-inch Räder spokes, which have been used since the beginning of the sport, are preserved, as are the 36 and 48 steel spokes, which are crossed 3 or 4 times. For all parts we use special materials that are particularly robust and resistant. Every BMX bike in our BMX Shop is with innovative hubs and axles that will withstand heavy use. Of course we try to keep the weight low, so that the adventurous tricks and stunts succeed despite quality bike. A classic BMX bike has no gears, of course, so we have decided not to use them in the BMX Shop Online. So the brake is all the more important: We primarily use the especially resistant U-brake, which belongs to the rim brakes, but is one of the most resistant and effective models here. Due to the particularly light and rather cautious design, this brake is excellently suited for BMX sports, especially as it is parallel to the resistance and particularly light.

We know the demands you make on a BMX bike – and we have them for our Haro BMX