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BMX Race Bike buy – at Haro online shop

In the 1960s, hardly any sport in America was as popular as motorcross, especially among young people – but very few had the financial means to participate and were too young to be allowed to use motorized vehicles. The solution was obvious: a whole generation of teenagers quickly began to rebuild small 20-inch bicycles with sleeker handlebars and traditional motocross tires. In this way not only the BMX Race was invented within a very short time, but also a perfect new sport. Harobikes recognized the passion for BMX racing early on – and is therefore one of the first manufacturers of professional BMX cruisers. In the Bicycle Race and BMX sport, the fantastic quality of the Harobikes BMX enjoys the greatest popularity to this day. Even professionals rely on our old sworn brand, which is now finally available in Germany.

The special features of the BMX Race bike

If you look at the history of the BMX bike, you can't ignore the distinction between freestyle and race. Both variants are based on peculiarities that have been specially adapted to the sport developing from them. The Race BMX is designed to be used on long race tracks. Therefore they are as light and sleek as possible, but at the same time have a particularly high resistance. With regard to the material, light aluminium, carbon or high-quality CroMoly steel is usually used in the production process. The BMX Race is ideal if participation in a BMX race is planned, but also private individuals who are planning long trips and who also like to travel a little more can take a Race BMX. In our Harobikes online shop you will find BMX Cruiser, Racer BMX and real professional models, which have been designed for the use of professionals.

Für BMX Race bikes are usually used with a wheel size of 20 inches, which is the general standard. However, the Race BMX is of course also available in other sizes – one often distinguishes between Micro, Mini, Junior, Expert, Pro and Cruiser. The different variants for children are adapted to the child's age range and body size, while the Pro Bike corresponds to the classic 20-inch bike. BMX Cruiser are models with a frame of 24 inch that are more suitable for everyday use and are therefore also excellent for use in leisure time.

What your BMX Race can do – perfectly equipped for Bicycle Race

Despite its easy processing, the classic Race BMX is of course not only designed for participation in BMX sports or BMX races, but also for outdoor use. Accordingly, we at Harobikes attach great importance not only to the particularly light frame, but also to an above-average resistance that does not give way even with long jumps on professional dirt tracks. In order to better understand the structure of the BMX Race wheel, you should first get to know the classic form of the BMX race – because this way you can see at a glance what the robust and resistant Haro Race BMX Räder can do.

In a classic BMX race, eight riders usually compete against each other. Whoever manages the fastest time wins the race. For the BMX Race competitions special sand tracks are made which are also called dirt tracks. There are many possibilities here: Hügel, curves, lugs and many other obstacles make the race not only more difficult, but also much more exciting. The tracks are divided into different categories so that amateurs and professionals will always enjoy the ride. Every BMX racetrack starts with a bigger hill over which speed can be built up. Afterwards the different obstacles start, which have to be overcome with the BMX Race. Since a classic BMX race is extremely fast, it usually only takes 30-60 seconds until a winner is determined.