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Shift I/O 9 Shift I/O 9
€6,399.99 *
Shift I/O 7 Shift I/O 7
€5,499.99 *
Shift I/O 5 Shift I/O 5
€4,799.99 *
Shift I/O 9 Ltd Edition Shift I/O 9 Ltd Edition
€6,399.99 * €3,999.99 *
Skwad LT Skwad LT
€1,999.99 *
Double Peak I/O Double Peak I/O
€2,999.99 * €1,499.99 *

E-Mountainbike – conquer nature with additional support

The connection that exists between electrically powered vehicles and their drivers is absolutely unique. The power of the pedals and the power of the engine make it possible to drive on even the most difficult roads and conquer the most difficult terrain. The Harobikes E Mountain Bike combines the effective and rugged design of classic mountain bikes with an innovative electric motor that is versatile and absolutely affordable. This allows you not only to reduce your physical exertion  during your next bike tour through impassable terrain, but also to extend the scope of your trip and the distance covered. Let our innovative e-bike MTB support you as well during your adventure through nature  and rely on real mountain bike power supported by a powerful electric motor.

Before purchasing an E Bike mountain bike – determine the requirements

Before you buy a Bike MTB E Bike MTB  you should ask yourself some questions , which will make the selection and the purchase easier:

  • How far do you want to go with the electric MTB?
  • How much support and help do you need when driving the E-MTB? Should pedalling be necessary despite electronic assistance or not?
  • ?
  • In which area would you like to use the EMTB?
  • Use an E Mountainbike Fully or Hardtail?
  • How often and how long do you want to use the MTB E-Bike?
  • Is the electronic mountain bike needed for private use or everyday work?
  • How big is the budget?

With these questions, the choice of possible electric mountain bikes can already be considerably restricted. If you have any questions about our E-MTBs, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail! We will be happy to advise you comprehensively on our different models /strong> and to discuss your exact requirements with you so that we can find the right EMTB for you.

Pedelec or E-Mountainbike – You decide

First of all, it is of course important to distinguish between a classic E mountain bike and a pedelec. In order to make the decision easier for you, you should decide in advance whether you want to pedal your E Bike MTB more or whether you want to enjoy your bike tour completely without any additional physical effort. A pedelec is an E mountain bike that is additionally powered with pedal support. Pedelecs are available in slow and fast versions. With a slow pedelec of the lower price category you can accelerate to approx. 25 km/h without further ado, for faster riding pleasure you have to pedal. A fast pedelec can also achieve a driving performance of 45 km/h thanks to the use of up to 500 watts  strong. But beware: While a slow pedelec does not require a driving licence, the fast models of the E-MTBs have a different look – here is a certification of the Federal Motor Transport Authority and a moped driver's licence (from 15 years) nötig! You should also be aware of the helmet and age restrictions that depend on the performance of your model. While slow e-bikes and pedelecs do not require a helmet or a driver's license, faster models may require both in order to ride. Fast pedelecs and E-MTBs must also be insured in order to be approved for road use.

The battery – the heart of the E Bike MTB

Füfor the smooth operation of the EMTB, numerous components are necessary and important – but above all the battery is at the centre when it comes to performance, load-bearing capacity and service life.