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Freestyle MTB and Freeride MTB – with free ride through nature

You want to experience the most violent Skate Parks with all their ramps, obstacles and hazards and drive through every terrain with a Freestyle MTB, but at the same time attach great importance to safety and a pleasant driving experience? Our Haro Freeride Bikes have been designed to meet the needs of Downhill Freeride Bikers – with specially designed frame models, the highest quality components from well-known brand manufacturers and above-average stability. Large jumps, hard drops and massive stress over many hours are absolutely no problem for our Freeride MTBs and you too can set the pace;For your favourite cycling sport you can rely on the proven Freestyle MTB models from Harobikes, the quality of which has been equally appreciated by professionals and amateurs for over 40 years. For you we have prepared different Freeride Mountainbike Categories, so that for each requirement the suitable Freestyle MTB is available – and at a fair price.

What makes the Freeride MTB so special

The Freestyle MTB differs massively from other bikes especially in its construction. While a conventional bike is primarily intended for lively family outings and daily locomotion, a classic downhill freeride bike is mainly used on halfpipes and shredding in bike parks. Art and tricks like big jumps, drops, rapid descents and spectacular jumps are clearly the focus, but also the crashing down from a big mountain through the free, wild nature should not be a problem for a freeride MTB. The versatility of the possible areas of application makes high demands on a freeride bike – and only the right workmanship allows a safe use in every mountain bike gel.

For this purpose, a particularly thick suspension fork is usually attached to the front wheel, which ensures stability and balance on steep descents and spectacular jumps evenly . The rear wheel also features suspension travel specially designed for use on freeride MTBs, which is much more durable than traditional suspension systems. In order to prevent the chain from breaking during rapid rides through nature or during violent tricks in the skate park, many freeride MTBs use a single chainring at the front, which is supplemented by a single chain guide. However, this also means that Freestyle MTB has strong problems with uphill riding – sometimes these are even impossible, so the bike has to be carried uphill before a steep descent. If you want a little more freedom when using your Downhill Freeride Bikes, it is better to use Mountainbikes with two chainblades or an innovative drive system. In the Haro Bikes online shop we have prepared numerous freeride mountain bikes – professional models for pure descents and stylish tricks and practical all-rounders that satisfy the freestyle MTB beginner or freeride bike all-rounder.

The history of freeride bikes

If you want to understand the special features of freestyle MTB, you should first take a look at the history of freeride bikes. The birthplace is the so-called North Shore in the vicinity of Vancouver, where the first wooden constructions were built, which in the course of time developed into innovative bike parks. In addition to wooden constructions, the focus was always on natural slopes and tracks, which had to be completed at a rapid pace – so-called dirt jumps – and obstacles that had to be overcome with jumps and special techniques. The classical freestyle MTB was also adapted to these purposes: Freeride MTB models, which are specially designed for downhills through nature, have above-average suspension travel, which ensures maximum stabilization and safety;While the Freestyle MTB, which is used primarily in dirt jumps, gets by with significantly shorter suspension forks and has a particularly low weight. Before you decide on a Freestyle MTB, you should therefore consider exactly the later intended use.