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Saguaro 1 Saguaro 1
€3,999.99 *
Saguaro 2 Saguaro 2
€2,399.99 *
Saguaro 3 Saguaro 3
€1,899.99 *
Shift R5 - 27,5" Shift R5 - 27,5"
€2,399.99 * €999.99 *
Shift R5 - 29" Shift R5 - 29"
€2,399.99 * €999.99 *
Shift R7 - 27,5" Shift R7 - 27,5"
€2,699.99 * €1,399.99 *
Shift R9 Shift R9
€3,199.99 * €1,899.99 *
€1,699.99 * €1,199.99 *
Thread Slope Thread Slope
€2,599.99 * €1,999.99 *
Double Peak Comp 27.5 Double Peak Comp 27.5
€1,399.99 * €699.99 *
Steel Reserve 3 Steel Reserve 3
€1,999.99 *
Steel Reserve 2 Steel Reserve 2
€1,399.99 *

<h1>Buy Mountainbikes &ndash; MTB cheap at Haro online store buy </h1>

<p>Mountainbikes are designed to provide optimum performance and safety even on off-road surfaces. But you don't have to do without the usual Haro BMX-Freestyler comfort &ndash; because our <strong>Haro mountain bike technology</strong> combines all requirements! With the smooth <a href=""> Freestyle Mountainbike </a> you get the optimal bike to dominate the urban jungle, but of course we also have suitable models with which you can conquer the wildness of nature. We want you to have fun riding your bike, whether in the woods, over mountains and mountains or in the big city. In our online shop you can buy the mountain bike of your dreams <strong>g&uuml;nstig online </strong>! In addition, you will of course receive comprehensive advice from our mountain bike professionals who, with <strong>years of expertise</strong> and experience, will be happy to answer all your questions. Simply contact us by phone or e-mail!</p>

<h2>Conquer nature with the Haro MTB</h2>

<p>Every mountain bike is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of off-road use. It is based on a very stable and strong frame, which maintains its stability even when severely shaken by stones, roots and other obstacles. A <strong>MTB bike</strong> should also be equipped with a multi-purpose derailleur system that significantly simplifies uphill riding &ndash; so you can enjoy <strong>maximum comfort</strong> while riding. Coarse tyres add to the fun of driving and at the same time ensure stable safety &ndash; an absolute must when it comes to crossing untouched nature. High quality <strong>MTB bikes</strong> always have full suspension and are therefore also called &bdquo; <a href="">Fullys</a>&ldquo; in the internal MTB slang. This is the abbreviation for Full Suspension &ndash; a suspension that is located on both the front and rear wheels. Alternatively, you can also buy a mountain bike that does not have a rear suspension &ndash; this type of mountain bike is often referred to as <a href="">Hardtail</a>. <strong>Full suspension mountain bikes </strong>are of course slightly more expensive than bikes that only have a suspension on the front tire, but they are also a bit lighter, which can increase the vehicle's strength. </p>

<p>However, hardtails and fullys are not the only differences that make up a mountain bike and should be considered when buying. At our MTB online shop you can also buy mountain bikes with <strong>R&auml;dern in different inch sizes. Of course you should also decide exactly which bike is most important for you for a good mountain bike! Classic mountain bikes usually have <strong>MTB 26 inches or 27.5 inches</strong> tyres &ndash; both are ideal for outdoor use to cruise over roots, stones and foliage. The low wheel size ensures that the wheels are particularly manoeuvrable and have a lot to offer in terms of acceleration. We also offer MTB bikes with 29 inch tires, which are a bit slower and more motionless, but easier to glide over any unevenness on the ground and are therefore <strong>>more comfortable</strong> to ride. To buy a mountain bike online you don't need extensive know-how &ndash; we are happy to advise you by phone or e-mail about our <strong>Fully or Hardtail models</strong>. Simply contact us!</p>

<h2>Buy the right brake &ndash; Mountain bike cheap</h2>

<p>When choosing the right MTB bike not only the appearance and the inch size of the tires play a role, in the center is clearly <strong>the right brake</strong>. But which model is right for you? Of course, this depends first and foremost on your riding style and where the bike is to be used. Basically MTB bikes are equipped with three different types of brakes between which you can choose freely: <strong>Rim brakes, V-brakes and disc brakes</strong>. Each brake comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, which you can enjoy online when mountain biking.