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7 iDP's updated M1 full-face helmet in this stunning Tactic finish has a lightweight polycarbonate shell and CPSC construction. The full-face M1 Helmet features a wide eye port for a broader field of vision and better accommodation of goggles. Manufactured with 17 large vents, the M1 Helmet efficiently draws in fresh air through the front of the helmet and expels the warm air out of the back. This process will keep your head cool, leaving your mind free to focus on what lies ahead.
Full face downhill design
Lightweight polycarbonate shell
17 Large vents provide cold air intake and heat exhaust
Large eye port for greater field of vision
The wide face opening makes fitting even the largest goggles easy
Adjustable peak held in place with two aluminium screws and a central thumb screw
Vented muzzle with internal foam padding allows air flow but avoids dirt passing through when the roost is flying
Mesh covered vents stop debris getting through
Screen printed logos on the M1 peak and shell will stand the test of time and the matt finish holds up after repeatedly being thrown in your bike bag
Complies to CE, CPSC and AS standards


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