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Vintage Bike BMX – History rewritten

The classic beginnings of Old School BMX have played a major role in cycling to this day, but have been relegated to the background, especially in the construction of the Vintage Bicycles. We would like to recall the original BMX oldschool Räder, which we still remember – models as we know them from the 80s and 90s, upgraded by new materials and an outstanding workmanship. The Haro Old School BMX combines classic components with advanced and modern features – to design rides that keep the tradition, continue the history of BMX, and still match the fantastic and üoutstanding quality” you've come to expect from Harobikes. Take a look at the different models in our Vintage Bike BMX collection and find the Vintage Bicycle that suits your individual taste.

cycling with the Retro Bike

A vintage bike combines the best components of history and the here and now. Our BMX Vintage collection includes those that are the traditional and well known construction of classic BMX bikes – especially in terms of frame design, handlebars and riders. At the same time, we only use high-quality, robust and modern materials in the manufacture and production, which are characterized by their special longevity and quality. Thus we combine the traditional vintage BMX with modern influences – and do justice to cycling in every respect. No matter if you are interested in Race BMX or Freestyle BMX, in our Retro Bike collection you will find the right Vintage Bicycle for every cycling sport.

How the Old School BMX fits into the modern age

To understand why Vintage Bike BMX still plays such a big role today, you should have a closer look at the history and evolution of the Oldschool BMX. Long before the BMX riders we know today were born, classic Bonanza riders were in vogue with a more compact design , a very high handlebar and a geometric design that gave the rider great control over the bike. Primarily, the classic Bonanza was used as a racing bike, but the increasing demand in society – outside of the elite racing circles’made’ the bike’s significantly more stable and lighter and thus of course more affordable and suitable for everyday use. The changed construction method also brought with it many possibilities with regard to use: In American backgrounds, a completely new sport developed, which today is known as Freestyle BMX . Today the Old School BMX is not only about speed and manoeuvrability, but also about Quarterpipes and air jumps . Since we at Harobikes have been among the first suppliers of BMX bikes since the early days of BMX sports, we naturally want to preserve the old traditions – and therefore offer a collection specially designed for vintage BMX bikes, in which the retro bikes are still completely in keeping with the traditional models. At the same time, we use state-of-the-art building materials that guarantee the special stability and longevity of vintage BMX bikes, offering you not only the traditional bikes, but also the familiar quality that has distinguished Haro bikes for so many years.

A tribute to Dave Mirra – Great Persönesses behind Haro Bikes

In the 90s, the trend around vintage BMX and BMX biking abated and Harobikes also pushed something into the background, but Dave Mirra, who played an important role for us as brand ambassador, designer, rider and friend in the company, managed to revitalize the spark of Haro Bikes in an incomparable way. He designed complete bikes that were affordable to the general public and at the same time were of a particularly high quality that delighted BMX fans around the world.

Until the end of 2006, Dave Mirra was an integral part of our team before he set off to celebrate the rest of his BMX career with his own brand Mirraco.