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Suspension Fork Cleaner by TUNAP SPORTS
Only a well functioning chassis can deliver the maximum performance off-road. Whether one is on a day tour, bike park or marathon race, the TUNAP Sports suspension fork cleaner from the spray can brings back the friction-free function of the forks quickly and simply. In doing so it also cares for and protects the valuable surface of the standpipes. Simply spray on the suspension fork oil, allow it to work for a while and then rub it off. The suspension fork spray removes dust and microscopic dirt; the sealing rings operate tangibly more friction-free again. The water-resistant lubricating film of the suspension fork grease also cares for shock absorbers and telescopic supports.
1. Thoroughly clean the bicycle using the TUNAP Intensive Cleaner.
2. Using a rag, dry the stand pipes and dip tubes on the shock absorbing and suspension elements.
3. Point the spray head at the dip tube and the sealing ring and spray onto both.
4. Allow to work for a short time then spring the bicycle up and down 2 to 3 times. Remove excess oil using a dry rag.
Content: 125 ml
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