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Multifunctional Oil by TUNAP SPORTS
Whoever wishes to do the best for his bicycle after washing it or in-between, will find TUNAP SPORTS Multi Oil a great and effective help. Whether it is a matter of removing a slight rust film, lubrication of bearing or shock joints on a full suspension or maintaining and caring for the frame, TUNAP is your first choice. Five important areas are covered. TUNAP SPORTS Multi Oil is a cleaner, corrosion protection, rust remover, lubricant and contact spray all in one. The Multi Oil does not attack paint, seals, plastics or rubber.
1. Thoroughly clean the affected parts with TUNAP SPORTS drive or brake cleaner.
2. Spray the parts adequately with Multi Oil and allow to work.
3. Then remove rust or dirt using a cloth or a brush. Wipe off excess oil using soft rags.
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