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No BMX Bike is ready for the streets before it has a pair of 4 piece bars to lead the way! The Premium Rasp Bar is the final piece your bike needs to become that street machine you always wanted it to be. With 11.5° back sweep and 1.5° up sweep, the Rasp Bar gives you the perfect 2-piece feel while giving your bike the classic 4-piece look. The Rasp Bar comes with anti-slip grip knurling that will keep your grips in place no matter how soggy the conditions. And with 9.5" & 9.75" rise options, you will have enough room on your whip to clear any street gap & lock into any grind that is in front of you!


  • Seamless 4130 Cr-Mo Tubing
  • "Anti-Slip" Grip Knurling
  • Width: 27.95"
  • Upsweep: 1.5°
  • Backsweep:11.5°
  • Weight: 0,98 Kg

MSRP: 89,99 €