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7140-05-051_01.jpg COMP AM SHIN PADS
€43.99 * €21.90 *
7254-00-051.jpg COMP FULL FACE HELMET
€109.00 * €59.90 *
HM0099053_Haro Cap.jpg HARO BASE CAP "STAMPED"
€9.90 * €4.90 *
HM0099054-56_Haro Socks.jpg HARO SOCKS "CHEVRON"
€9.90 * €4.90 *
7708-26-430.png M1 50:01 FULLFACE HELM
€109.00 * From €59.90 *
7706-58-540_02.jpg M1 TACTIC FULL FACE HELMET
€109.00 * From €59.90 *
7707-58-535_01.jpg M2 HELMET
€109.00 * From €59.90 *
7705-75-540_01.jpg M5 HELMET
€59.99 * €29.90 *
HP0013096 Ellenbogenschoner Kids - Freigestellt.jpg TRANSITION ELBOW PADS KIDS
€19.99 * €9.90 *
HP0013050 Knieschoner Kids - Freigestellt.jpg TRANSITION KNEE PADS KIDS
€19.99 * €9.90 *
€54.99 * €27.50 *
ZONE-3000M-S_01.jpg ZONE HELM
€54.90 * €27.50 *

Children's Bike buy from 10 – 24 Inch - Haro Bicycle for children

There is nothing better than to encourage young people to cycle in early years and to enjoy fantastic excursions through nature and landscape together with the whole family . But there is a lot to consider when it comes to buying a children's bike. A bicycle for children should always be adapted to the age, size and weight of your child. In doing so, you should pay particular attention to the manufacturer's instructions, which usually state your mountain bikes for children in inch according to the child's age. In general: For children between 3 and 4 years a children's bike 10-12 inch is recommended, for children between 4 and 6 years a bicycle with approx. 16-18 inch. For children from 8 years – of course we also recommend a child bike with 20-24 inches – depending on the size and weight of the child. Although it is possible to make general purchase recommendations, the individual decision should always depend on age, weight and size of the child equally. When making your selection, also make sure that your offspring will ride the mountain bike for children for many years – therefore also plan that the child will grow in the next few years!

bicycle for children – the differences to adult bike

Basically, child drivers look like adults, of course, only the size is slightly smaller. Nevertheless, there is a lot more to look out for when it comes to children's bicycles, because safety is the top priority here. A distinction is made between specifications prescribed for children's mountain bikes and Children's mountain bikes according to StVZO and additional recommendations with which you can make mountain biking even safer for children. A bicycle for children must be equipped with the following mandatory accessories:

  • Two independent brakes
  • White headlights front
  • White reflector (may be integrated in the front lighting)
  • Four yellow cat's eyes or silver reflector stripes
  • Red reflector
  • Red Rücklicht, also with reflector
  • Pedals (non-slip) with pedal reflectors
  • bell with bright tone

These and other requirements are mandatory for every children's bicycle – the StVZO prescribes this accordingly. You would like to put more emphasis on safety for your child and make the Children's mountain bike more effective? On request, we can also supply you with models in our Harobikes Online Shop for children's bikes that are equipped with a gear shift, a mudguard at the front and rear, a chain guard, frame locks, a bicycle rack or luggage racks. Whichever additive you choose – with the Kids Mountainbikes from the Harobikes Online Shop you are guaranteed to rely on quality, safety and high-quality workmanship of the children's bikes.

Find the right size – light kids bikes from the Harobikes online shop

Wäwhile it is legally specified with which accessories a mountain bike for children must be equipped to function safely and reliably in road traffic, the choice of the right size – which is also essential component of safety on the bike – rather difficult for many parents. We would like to give you some practical tips to help you determine the right size of the bike for children. The manufacturers' basic recommendation is based primarily on the age of the children – however, much more important is the size, which should be decisive when children's choice of mountain bike. The saddle height at minimum setting should allow the child to reach the ground with the foot tips. If this is the case, it is the ideal inch size for your child and a child's mountain bike that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Children's bike 10 inch

Füfor children who are under 95 cm tall, recommend