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Bicycle drive – with chainring, crankset and pedal to your destination

In the everyday life of many people, bicycles are an indispensable part – no matter if as a means of transport, for common trips through nature, with hobby athletes or real cycling professionals who earn their living with tournaments, tricks and races . No matter why the bike is important for you, without a working bike drive, your two-wheeler is useless. That is why it is important to use the right bike accessories for your drive when rare use of the mountain bike or BMX and to have potential spare parts directly available. In our Harobikes online shop we have put together a special category for all spare parts around the bicycle drive for you – from chainrings üto crank sets to pegs and pedals. Have a look around and find the bike accessories for the drive you need for your Harobikes model!

The composition of the bicycle drive

The bike drive is the same on almost all models, whether mountain bike, BMX or E-MTB. So that the power used by the rider can be transferred to the pedals and the frame, the bicycle drive consists of a chain, the corresponding rear sprockets (also called cassette) and a crank, on which a chainring is located. Even the best quality – and only this we use at Harobikes – suffers from weather conditions, extensive use, soiling and the effects of various forces over time. A regular check of the parts of the bicycle drive as well as the possible exchange are important, so that the full riding fun remains and you reach also on a long-term basis safe and optimally protected by the road traffic or nature. When choosing the right spare parts for the bicycle drive, make sure that they are compatible with your model so that the installation is successful and smooth use is made possible afterwards. If you have any questions about our bicycle drive spare parts, we are of course available to you – simply contact us by phone, e-mail or come to one of our Harobikes Shops on site!

The chainring – essential for bicycle drive

Für the bicycle drive, the chainring is indispensable. Depending on the type of bike (mountain bike, BMX, freeride bike or simple everyday bike), the chainring design differs. One-speed bikes and bikes with hub gears usually have only one chainring, while bikes with several gears are equipped with up to three chainrings. The chainring used on a mountain bike is also fundamentally different from the models on conventional bikes because the chainrings are much larger and have a different hole pattern. The number of teeth can also vary. The classic in our online shop and the most sold chainring is the Team Disc chainring of our own brand, which is available in black/red, black/silver or black/blue. You also have a free choice when it comes to size and can therefore optimally adapt the chainring to your Harobike: Choose between 25T, 28T or 44T. Somewhat cheaper and more minimalist in design, but nevertheless very popular is the 1978 chainring from Harobikes, which is available as a matt or high gloss 25T or 28T version. Make no compromises with the bicycle drive >no compromises and rely on a high-quality chainring that corresponds to the usual Harobikes quality.

With a crank set for a safe bicycle drive

In order for you to get from A to B safely from your bike, MTB or BMX, not only a chainring but also a high-quality and durable crankset is essential. Here too, we have prepared suitable spare parts and models for you in the Harobikes online shop, which you can adapt flexibly to your bike. A complete crankset consists of up to three chains b