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<h1>Bike Wear and cycling clothing &ndash; put on style and safety</h1>

<p>The selection of MTB clothing and bike wear is as extensive and individual as you are. For every visual taste, but also for every purpose, you will find the right accessories to complete your bike trip. Of course, the helmet, which represents the <strong>A and O of a safe bicycle clothing </strong>, is clearly in the centre. Equally important are BMX T-shirts, which offer protection with a particularly robust workmanship and <strong>Biker Pants</strong>, which offer pleasant wearing comfort during the entire ride and do not restrict you during pedal movements. So you can see &ndash; with regard to <strong>Bike Wear and cycling clothing</strong> there is a lot to consider. We would like to help you choose the right products and provide you with some practical tips and tricks in the following text to make your choice easier.</p>

<h2>MTB clothing women and men &ndash; make special requirements</h2>

<p> Of course it is possible to ride a bicycle in everyday clothes &ndash; but it's not comfortable. <a href=""> <strong>Bicycle clothing</strong> </a> <strong> satisfies special needs</strong> that have been adapted exactly to the conditions of cyclists. Above all, it is important that bicycle clothing is completely washable in the washing machine. The fabrics should be <strong>hygienic and easy to clean</strong>, as intensive sweating often occurs during cycling. Air permeability is also essential in this context, as it prevents excessive sweating and makes the skin more resilient to breathing. To minimise friction and pressure when riding and to avoid unnecessarily irritating the skin, we also recommend the handle <strong>to particularly soft cycling clothing</strong>, which is padded with soft foam and has as little nubuck as possible.</p>

<p>The suitability of Bike Wear for cycling depends above all on the material used. Air-permeable <strong>fabrics made of microfibre</strong> are best suited due to their specific properties, but care should be taken to ensure that they are close to the skin &ndash; this is the only way microfibre can unfold its full effect. A good alternative to tight-fitting clothing are also <strong>Bike shorts or Biker Pants</strong>, which can be worn lissom, but at the same time offer an equally high wearing comfort thanks to pleasant padding.</p>

<h2>Mountainbike clothing in any weather &ndash; Bike Wear in rain and Co</h2>

<p>You are absolutely tired of cycling according to the weather? Of course we have a wide range of mountain bike clothing <strong>prepared for any weather </strong>! When the sun is shining, we recommend that you wear air-permeable and breathable clothing that actively helps to reduce perspiration. If it is very windy despite warm weather, we can recommend a <strong>MTB jacket with integrated wind vest</strong>. This will protect the upper torso from the cold without the MTB jacket overheating.

<p>Be prepared for sudden weather changes even on good days. Even on sunny days a bicycle rain jacket should be part of the basic equipment for every excursion. Should it suddenly come to a <strong>spontaneous rain shower or summer thunderstorm</strong>, you are also optimally equipped in these cases. Rain jackets which are considered to be cycling clothing are available in numerous variations &ndash; especially the particularly <strong>light and d&uuml;nnen models</strong> are ideal to be carried in the bicycle bag or in the transport basket and offer particularly <strong>high-quality protection from moisture and N&auml;sse</strong>.</p>

<p>You don't want to do without cycling even in winter? Of course, winterproof <strong>mountain bike clothing for men</strong> or bicycle clothing for ladies is also available. Warm underwear made of merino wool, which ideally stores the heat and takes a very long time to cool down, has particularly stood out here. Upper and lower parts, on the other hand, can be made of high-quality synthetic fibre, which is particularly warm and offers optimum protection against moisture, while <strong>sweat can be effectively absorbed </strong>. A <strong>MTB shirt</strong> should be able to absorb perspiration in summer as well as in winter and should be able to absorb perspiration in winter.